Picture Framing Services

Bring us your art, we can frame it!

To estimate your cost, fill in the yellow boxes below with the dimensions of your artwork and the options you want. We have moulding options for any price range, but we like to make this local service affordable for our local customers, and most art can look great in moulding that costs somewhere between 50 cents and $3.00 a foot.

(Remember to add double the mat borders if you decide to add a mat).

As with all our services, we offer Quantity and Artist discounts.


We always stock a small but well-priced selection of ready-made frames. Although it’s possible your art won’t fit any of them exactly, adding a mat border can often resolve that problem… elegantly. Call 831.460.6121 for more details, or drop by and see what we can do for you!

Space #113 facing the courtyard.

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